“Marcie and I collaborated on many joint projects. She was hired in a new position, as the Intergenerational Coordinator at the County of San Diego Aging & Independence Services. In this capacity she developed a program that earned recognition throughout California and across the nation. Whenever I think of the word “passionate,” Marcie immediately comes to mind. I would refer any professional or personal contact to Marcie with full confidence.”  … Sandra Lawrensen


“Marcie is exactly the person you would want to take care of your own Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, or best friend. Therefore, she is the perfect person to contact whenever you have questions about your loved one. Marcie has been in this field for many years and has a vast amount of experience with many different situations. She has always responded immediately to my needs with love, concern and professionalism.”  … Odie Goward


“I would describe Marcie as extremely professional and kind, with a keen insight/knowledge regarding available resources for the care of seniors. I would not hesitate to recommend Marcie to family and friends for advice on practical living solutions for aging relatives!”  … Sarah MacGuire


“Marcie’s dynamic and supportive attitude and personality, in general, are just right for the sensitive work required of her as a social worker with LivHome. The company is above reproach, and Marcie, specifically, has a great and loving heart, loads of experience, mature insights and keeps on with a job until it is done. Her forward thinking combined with extensive education is a powerful tool for her healing work. Delightful to know and model my interactions after her astute listening ability.”  … Sharon Goodlove


“When I think of Marcie, the thoughts that come to mind include; professional, focused, educated, excellent leader, contributing team member, goal oriented, ground-breaking innovator, positive and successful woman. We have worked on multiple intergenerational projects involving private enterprise, school districts and government agencies for the benefit of older persons, children and infants with fabulous results. She is the “go-to” person to get things done and the results are always of the highest quality.”  … Susan Hamano


“I worked with Marcie for several years at the County of San Diego’s Aging & Independence Services where Marcie was the Intergenerational Coordinator. Marcie was, and continues to be, an amazing service provider. Her drive ensures that she works harder than anyone else on a team. She exhibits fantastic leadership skills as demonstrated by numerous accolades she and her programs have received. I look forward to an opportunity to work with Marcie again at any time.”  … Sandra Strech


“Marcie is the first person I think of when I have a patient who needs the help of an Elder Care expert.  All of the people I have referred to her have received immediate and excellent attention and have found her to be genuinely warm, extremely knowledgeable, and completely trustworthy.  She is top rate!”  … Dr. Lynn Northrop


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