Speaking Topics

Who wants to talk about getting older?!


Since it happens to EVERYONE, let’s learn how to make it easier and better for EVERYONE!


Below are the top four requested topics for Marcie Hanna to present.
However, Marcie will customize her presentation to the mission, vision, theme or specific need of your group, association, conference, event, congregation or other organization. After taking a look at these topics, please feel free to complete a booking request form or contact us.


Growing Up and Growing Older
The Importance of Intergenerational Relationships

  • Learn the “Four Rs” that characterize intergenerational relationships
  • Understand the family pattern and how it has evolved
  • Discover the connection between these relationships and longevity
  • Take away new perspectives that dispel stereotypical views and help prevent age-related alienation.
  • Look into the positive affects of intergenerational interactions on health, academic performance, learning and overall well-being.


What’s Age Got to Do with It?!
Intimacy, Companionship and Sex after Sixty

  • Understand the effects of age on sex and sexuality
  • Discover how intimacy and sexual relations extend lifespan
  • Dispel misperceptions of dementia sufferers and sexual behaviors
  • Uncover secrets to overcoming fear of rejection and feelings of being undesirable
  • Learn new approaches for discussing sexual concerns


From Fear to Fascination
What you need to know about change… that will radically change your life

  • Learn how to peel back the layers of fear by staying curious
  • Discover a new way to think about life transitions
  • Understand that fear is not a foe, but a powerful motivating friend
  • Uncover the biggest little thing that will keep you moving forward
  • Find out the close relationship between fear and fascination
  • Learn how to transform trepidation into exploration and adventure


You Can’t Take It with You
Discussing Legacies with the Living

  • Learn the two components to leaving a legacy
  • Look into the different ways your life has touched others
  • Understand which promises can be made and kept and which are unrealistic
  • Uncover the best approach to sharing your desires & wishes
  • Learn light-hearted ways to break the silence and start the conversation